Laundry Service


Charges are based on weight of laundry.

  • $1.59 cents a pound
  • The quantity in this case refers to the pounds
  • 1 pound = $1.59 cents
  • Delivery fee = $7.99


Ask about Our Home-made Halal detergent and Kosher detergent coming soon.

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Our laundry service combines both client taste and a high sense of expertise to deliver high quality and effective laundry services. By the time we deliver them to you, your items will look as good as new.

Anywhere you are in Delaware and surrounding cities, our door-to-door laundry service is here to serve you.

  • Removes tough stains
  • We use your choice-detergents
  • Our laundry kills germs from your clothes
  • Well packaged items are delivered to you
  • Efficient and timely delivery

From the moment our friendly team reaches your home to pick up your items for the laundry, you will be greeted by a friendly and highly professional team that will ensure prompt delivery and maximum satisfaction.

Steps to book our laundry services
  • Visit our website
  • Request Pickup
  • We call to confirm the request
  • We deliver items to you


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