Dry Cleaning


Charges are based on weight of laundry.

  • $1.59 cents a pound
  • The quantity in this case refers to the pounds
  • 1 pound = $1.59 cents


Ask about Our Home-made Halal detergent and Kosher detergent coming soon.

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Your delicate fabric should not go through the rough process of a washing machine especially when it is stated in the clothe symbol.

Rather, dry cleaning is the best option for delicate fabrics. If yours is so precious to you, then Delaware Dry Cleaning will be your best choice.

We are capable of handling different types of fabric and bringing them back to you clean and well

The benefits of choosing Moody Moori are numerous:
  • Trained technicians
  • Varieties of fabrics are accepted
  • Prompt delivery
  • For everyone in Delaware

You too can have your fabrics well taken care of in our dry-cleaning service and your convenience will be our top priority. Simply request a pickup on our website and we will take it up to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

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