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Moody Moori Door Laundry Service

Moody Moori door to door laundry services provides the solution you’ve always wanted, a door-to-door laundry service and mobile dry cleaning for residents in Delaware and surrounding cities. 

 We give our clients the comfort of requesting laundry pickup online through our website then sit back and watch our team do the pickup from their chosen

Our excellent service team will confirm the date of the pickup with you before coming. We offer dry cleaning and laundry services and special provisions are made for pet laundry.
You are free to choose the type of detergent that you want and we will work to satisfy your need.

We provide these services in places like Delaware, Claymont Delaware, Newark Delaware, Newcastle Delaware, Wilmington Delaware, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Delaware County Pennsylvania.

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Moody Moori - Mobile Laundry Service
Claymont, Delaware 19703
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Mon - Fri : 9am - 5pm
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Laundry Service
Our laundry service combines both client taste and a high sense of expertise to deliver high quality and effective laundry services.
Dry Cleaning
Your delicate fabric should not go through the rough process of a washing machine especially when it is stated in the clothe symbol. 
Pet Laundry
Your pet sweaters or clothes can get dirty or stained. Some of them can be washed by hand while others need a washing machine