Washing symbols on clothes date back to the late 1950s in Europe. It became more popular in North America in the 1970s.  

The underlying idea behind washing symbols on clothes is to make them last longer and retain their quality for a long time. Also, there are various ways to take care of your clothes but not all the methods are good for all clothes. 

Due to the materials from which some are made, the symbols guide users to properly take care of their clothes and fabrics. 

Here are five (5) washing symbols and what they mean 

1. Dry cleaning symbols 

Not all clothes or fabrics can be dry cleaned. Symbols on the clothes can let you know if a cloth or fabric requires dry cleaning. This is very important because not all clothes can be dry cleaned without damage to quality. A square with a cycle in it can be safely tumble dried.

Washing symbols on clothes

2. Washing symbols 

Symbols on your clothes can let you know how best you can wash your clothes without doing any damage to their quality. The washtub icon is found in many clothes They also contain bleaching instructions for those with peculiar fabrics or clothes and they guide users on whether to bleach or not to bleach. 

3. Ironing symbols 

Ironing symbols indicate how you should go about ironing your clothes. It is not very common because of some technological innovations such as permanent press but when found it can guide users on how to go about ironi9ng. 

4. Drying symbols 

Washing symbols guide you on how to wash and how to dry clothes. The methods shown in these symbols are to let you know how to properly dry your clothes. It recommends the ideal temperature that your clothes require. This is where people learn if their clothes can be tumble dry or not. In the symbols, lines are used to indicate a circle while black dots symbolize temperature. 

5. More Dry cleaning symbols 

A cycle and a straight line often guide dry cleaners on how to go about dry cleaning clothes and fabrics. They range from a short circle, low heat, no steam finishing, low moisture, among others,